Seat Weaving

At Altyn Olga uses prime materials and expertise to weave cane by hand, replace pre-woven cane panels, use paper cord in various weaving styles, re-web Scandinavian chairs and envelope rush. She has experience of working with delicate antiques as well as pieces of 20th century design.

Olga’s skills permit traditional heritage craft to carry on, recycling and restoring individual chairs to their former glory.

Set of 6 Model 75 dining chairs by Niels Moller. Danish papercord replaced.
Open basket seat and back weaving with sea grass
Arts and Crafts chair rushed in seagrass
Arts And Crafts chair is reel rushed
Pernilla Chair by Bruno Mathsson re-webbed
Pre-woven cane panel replaced
Arts And Crafts nursery chairs rushed
Victorian sun lounger, restoration and hand caning
Marcel Breuer Cesca chair, caning panel replaced
Hans Wegner’s Wishbone chair, paper cord weaving
Arne Hovmandolsen dining chair, paper cord replaced
Webbing replacement on Eva Chairs by Bruno Mathsson
Bobbin chair repair and rushing